Trying The Dark

Oilpaint & charcoal on canvas first layer
Only purple & green and first glazing layer
Without light
With light on it
In the outside light finished layer



He Once Had A Shiny Red Tractor

Last night I dreamt my late blind brother (who couldn’t walk) went to the pub on a tractor, he parked it by the side of the road and inside the cafe he went staight to the table where they served a package deal with whiskey 🥃 & other strong drinks.

He was sure that’s what he wanted. So I left him safe at the table more like a gambling table where other people sat next and opposite him so he would be seen…Later in the dream I realise I just left him in that pub and it was way past closing time. I leaped over all the streets & canals looking for him thinking how could I be so stupid to leave my blind brother who can’t walk to whiskey & the night & his tractor?!? What was I thinking?

The Idiots Prayer

This painting is called The Idiots Prayer, it’s a portrait from a photo of 3 youngsters who were first put in an institution because their having syndrome of Down and then taken out and put in a waiting room awaiting a train to take them to their death in nazi germany…i fell in love with these 3 idiots while painting them and whom I tried to honor by painting them…I’ve been surrounded by ‘idiots’ , misfits & less abled people all my life and know that where people are excluded because of some ideal there’s nothing but misery. To see beauty in life we have to include not exclude, without love for the unknown we become stuck in a sense of normal that easily becomes fearful of oddities. I find that’s the saddest thing in human existence. Let us love the oddities in life, it’s so much more fun!