A D H Days

Daily adhd self portraits painted with one indexfinger on a phone screen..

Last year I was diagnosed with ADHD both spectrums, 100%… At my age…57…finally some understanding of my brains’ workings and it’s influence on my life. Quite a gamechanger & amongst lots of insight, grief & new ways of learning, it made me toss my brushes in the wind as I turned to the no compromised self portrait on my phone with an app called Fresco.

So here is a ‘book’ of ADHDays with self portraits made with my indexfinger on a phonescreen. One rule: no make pretty, I make them just before sleep or just after waking in the morning. There’s only start and stop & I give them a title that befits the mood & number that befits the day of the year 2023.

I’m not sure what I’ll eventually do with these portraits, but for now I throw them on a journaling pile for myself as a keepsake and for you to hopefully enjoy as a novelty in digital psychology. ;>)